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What we do

Whatever a celebrity has to say: jamii delivers the message simultaneously to any phone in any country.

jamii taps into the emotional power of the human voice and helps build the relationship between fan and celebrity.

Pros of jamii - how you can benefit from jamii

Global — fans from all over the world can participate.
Authentic — Your voice is unique! Your fans feel connected when you talk to them in person.
Emotional — your words ring true ... what you say with your own voice is more credible than the written word.
Live — Your message reaches all your fans within seconds around the globe.
Always on — no techie boundaries – anyone with a phone can use it anywhere.


How it works

A star talks to his fans ... simple as that.
But when you get a call from your star on your private phone ... well, it’s all a bit surreal

jamii is social media powered by the human voice. A double-edged sword: Fans get as close as possible to their stars. And stars are able to monetize their direct-to-fan communication. It’s a communication tool that can reach everybody, everywhere, anytime. Even those without internet access, smartphones or cable TV.

How is that possible?

jamii is revolutionary high tech with a low tech appeal for the users. You can use our service from any feature phone in the world. Considering that more than 90 % of the world’s population has a mobile phone, our service kind of makes sense,
don´t you think?

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A global approach

Everyone can participate, any time, from anywhere.
jamii is currently available in 71 countries. With many more to come.


Algeria / Argentina / Australia / Austria / Bahrain / Belgium / Bolivia / Brazil / Bulgaria / Canada / Chile / China / Colombia / Costa Rica / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Dominican Republic / El Salvador / Estonia / Finland / France / Georgia / Germany / Greece / Guatemala / Honduras / Hong Kong / Hungary / Iceland / Indonesia / Iran / Ireland / Israel / Italy / Jamaica / Japan / Jordan / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Malaysia / Malta / Mexico / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Panama / Peru / Poland / Portugal / Puerto Rico / Romania / Russia / Singapore / Slovakia / Slovenia / South Africa / South Korea / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Taiwan / Thailand / Turkey / Ukraine / United Kingdom / USA / Venezuela / Vietnam

Who we are

Jamii is a branded product of Serendipix GmbH, operated by the founders and managing directors of the former Jamii GmbH. Andy and Frank are both serial entrepreneurs with a long track record in digital marketing and communication. Their vision: Creating a new media channel, powered by the human voice.

The jamii vision - Connecting the world

jamii wants to bring the best of the social media world together with the unique qualities that only a phone call can offer. Get messages from your favorite star as if you were talking to a friend. Reach millions of people with one single call. Say what is really important - by actually saying it. No tweets, no chats, no sharing exclusive news randomly with anyone. This is the closest you can get to actually being there. Ready to go and easy to use.


How brands benefit

jamii converts consumer to fans. Because it ...

  • ... is personal and enhances the brand experience
  • ... lifts celebrity endorsement campaigns to new heights
  • ... generates more reach for brands with authenticity
  • ... generates more reach for your brand
  • ... delivers key metric data for success measurement
McDonalds Telekom Universal

How celebrities benefit

A highly emotional channel to communicate with fans. Because it ...

  • ... is emotional
  • ... is the most direct way to talk to all fans with one single call
  • ... uses the voice which is a celebrity‘s most unique trademark
  • ... makes social media actually profitable
  • ... allows to reach everyone on this planet

How fans benefit

Fans get closer to their favorite stars like never before. Because they ...

  • ... get truly authentic updates with the unique voice of their star
  • ... actually get the feeling of being important to their idol
  • ... get to know the real personality behind the star
  • ... get exclusive, highly relevant and exciting content out of it
  • ... don‘t need a smartphone, an expensive mobile data contract or computer
  • ... know it is their hero talking to them and not someone from marketing

How media formats benefit

Enriches media formats with a unique way of communication. In addition it ...

  • ... enriches your format
  • ... ties the audience to the brands
  • ... gives TV formats new revenue generating opportunities
  • ... ties in target clients emotionally
  • ... connects to viewers highly emotional even when not on air
  • ... provides an additional channel for highly relevant content